Sunday, 22 December 2002


Speaker: Gary S. Colville
Hosanna Porirua
Topic: Christmas

Christmas Spectacular

Title: Overcome
Artist: Live
Album: V
© 2001 Radioactive Records
Title: A Spaceman Came Travelling
Artist: Chris De Burgh
Album: The Very Best of Chris De Burgh
© 1985 Chrysalis Ltd
Topic: Christmas Spectacular

Overcome - Lyrics

Even now the world is bleedin' but feelin' just fine
All numb in our castle
Where we're always free to choose
Never free enough to find
I wish somethin' would break cuz we're runnin' out of time

And i am overcome
I am overcome
Holy water in my lungs
I am overcome

These women in the street pullin' out their hair
My master's in the yard givin' light to the unaware
This plastic little place
Is just a step amongst the stairs


So drive me out
Out to that open field
Turn the ignition off
And spin around
Your help is here but i'm parked in this open space
Blockin' the gates of love

(chorus x2)

Beautiful drowning
This beautiful drowning
This holy water
This holy water is in my lungs

And i am overcome
I am overcome
I am overcome
I am overcome

A Spaceman Came Travelling - Lyrics

A spaceman came traveling on his ship from afar
Twas light years of time since his mission did start
And over a village he halted his craft
And it hung in the sky like a star, just like a star

He followed the light and came down to a shed
Where a mother and child were lying there on a bed
A bright light of silver shone round his head
And he had the face of an angel, and they were afraid

Then the stranger spoke, he said, “Do not fear,
I come from a planet a long way from here,
And I bring a message for mankind to hear”
And suddenly the sweetest music filled the air
And it went La La . . .
Peace and goodwill to all men, and love for the child

This lovely music went trembling through the ground
And many were wakened on hearing that sound
And travelers on the road, the village they found
By the light of that ship in the sky which shone all around

And just before dawn at the paling of the sky
The stranger returned and said “Now I must fly,
When two thousand years of your time has gone by,
This song will begin once again, to a baby’s cry”

And it went La La . . . this song will begin once again to a baby’s cry
And it goes La La . . .
Peace and goodwill to all men, and love for the child
Oh the whole world is waiting, waiting to hear that song again
There are thousands standing on the edge of the world
And a star is moving somewhere, the time is nearly here
This song will begin once again to a baby’s cry